RGB DEV built a data system and workflow for production contacts and client details, delivering admin and mobile interfaces to multiple teams from a single source of data.


The Vortechs production team was maintaining a list of their clients in an Excel document while the sales team was using an ad hoc approach to keep track of contacts for the purpose of acquiring leads.

The teams needed to connect their data and be able to share valuable contact and production details with the rest of the organization.


Mobile and admin interfaces that connect multiple teams to a single source of data for reliable insight into productions and contact connections.

Mobile App

We created a custom mobile interface so that production and contact details are accessable by the sales team at events and techs in the field.

Admin Portal

RGB DEV integrated with AirTable, a database with a spreadsheet interface, to provide Vortechs with a flexible and easy to use admin portal to track/maintain their contacts and productions.

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